I know what you’re thinking: “What happened to Page 7 and 8?!” Well, don’t stress – we didn’t leave it out. We will be coming back to it tomorrow. Pages 7 and 8 deal with individual colours and where they are found in the sanctuary. I’ve decided to cover this when I actually do the individual colours coming up at the end of the Rainbow Covenant Notebook. Having said this, we are, in fact, nearing the end of the Rainbow Covenant Notebook! We have found these lessons to be interesting, hands-on, fun and we certainly have learnt a lot. 🙂 And we hope you did too!

All the notes I used for today’s lesson, can be downloaded from this pdf and fall under the section entitled ‘Day 7’.

OK, so to begin today’s lesson I asked my girls where in the bible rainbows are mentioned. Obviously they both answered, “Noah’s ark!”. “Good!” I said. “Where else?” They were stumped. I started giving clues. “Revelation…?” I hinted. “Around God’s throne!” was the answer I received. “Great! Anywhere else?” Again, they were stumped. I suggested we take turns reading the paragraphs on page 9. We went through it slowly and reflected on each paragraph, making sure that the meaning was clear.

  • The first paragraph talks about the rainbow around God’s throne.
  • The second paragraph talks about the first rainbow after the flood.
  • The third paragraph talks about the sanctuary and how the gold in the Holy and Most Holy Place reflected the curtains making the appearance of many different colours of the rainbow.

Three places that rainbows are mentioned in the Bible! I asked my girls to draw a picture of each place in their workbooks.

We then stuck in the notes on Rainbows from page 11 and I went through it with them while they were drawing their pictures.

We underlined Genesis 9:13 and read Genesis 9:9-17.

Lastly, we chatted about other unusual places we find rainbows in nature. We came up with some great ideas: the shiny black feathers on the chickens, the spray from the hosepipe when we water our flower garden, waterfalls, abalone shells, pearls, diamonds and, of course, soap bubbles!

Isn’t it amazing that God created light, created this beautiful colourful world and then gave us eyes that we may see it! Join us tomorrow for the last Rainbow Covenant blog post as we go through each individual colour in the rainbow. It’s going to be exciting!

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