I have mentioned before that the Sonlight Family Bible Lessons are absolutely amazing. There’s something special about teaching others – you, as the teacher, end up learning more than your students do! And when the subjects you are teaching are bible lessons, nature lessons and character building lessons … and when you are teaching them and re-enforcing them all day long … the results are phenomenal! Changes start to happen in your life and in your children’s lives as you work with God in educating your children His way.

If you’re new here and have no idea what the Family Bible Lessons are all about, please visit this post, which explains how it works and points you to some helpful resources and links:

The above link also gives a bit of how we implemented the Family Bible Lessons as a family, so I won’t repeat any of that here. However, I noticed the other day that I have a LOT of photos from when we did the Family Bible Lessons and I thought that they may be an encouragement and inspiration to others who are considering using these lesson books. So I’ve put them together in a bit of a slideshow.

Please remember that using the Family Bible Lessons is a personal journey with God. We are all in different places, but God meets us where we’re at and if we are willing, He puts us on the path that leads to Him. Your experience with the Family Bible Lessons may be completely different to our experience – and that is perfectly fine and normal. Ask God to lead you and your family, in your own circumstances and situation, to Him.

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Proverbs 4:18

I hope you are blessed, encouraged, inspired and smiling by the end! 🙂

To download the Family Bible Lesson books for free, click here!

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