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Mommy’s Toolbox!

Let’s say you were about to embark on a camping adventure to a camping spot you hadn’t been to before. Before you left, I’m sure you would get all your camping gear ready, make a quick meal plan and grab… Continue Reading →

Held in Trust

There is nothing more important than being a mother. No job, no career, no ministry, no opportunity, no privilege, no calling, no church responsibility, no project at home. Nothing. Nothing is as important as true parenthood. And, how seriously you… Continue Reading →

12 Ways to Make Work More Meaningful for your Kids

One of the best lifeskills that we can teach our kids is to be useful, commendable workers. But, let’s be honest, kids would rather play than work. So how do we go about this? Jenny shares with us 12 ways… Continue Reading →

Scripture Memory Tools and Resources!

Last week we learnt about the benefits of committing scripture to memory. If you missed it, click here to catch up! Today Sandra shares with us some of her favourite methods, tools and resources for scripture memorization. Learning Methods There… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Memorize Scripture

How does a mother train up a child in God’s way, if His Word is not continually in her heart, guiding her parenting techniques and giving her the strength she (desperately!) needs for this God-given mission? Today Sandra encourages us… Continue Reading →

How to Find Religion in Bread

One of the principles of true education is to look for spiritual lessons in the ordinary things around us, especially the things of nature. If you’ve never tried it before, it can be quite challenging! Today Sandra shares with us… Continue Reading →

The First Seven Years

As my youngest is turning eight years old this month, I find myself reflecting over the last seven years. I am reminded that the first seven years are, in fact, the most crucial and foundational in a child’s life! They,… Continue Reading →

Lets Sum Up Parenting!

I’d like to let you in on a secret. I pray and hope that there is actually another mother out there that could possibly find this blog beneficial in some way. I’m not quite sure how, because as mothers, we… Continue Reading →

Establishing Routine Part 1: Is it really necessary?

Is your life all over the place and upside-down? Do you struggle to get everything or even anything done in the day? Are you exhausted in the evenings? Are your expectations for the day ever (or never!) met?! Do you… Continue Reading →

Talk of Heaven

How do we encourage our children to want to stay on the straight and narrow way? How do we nurture a love for heaven and all things spiritual in our little ones? One of the most effective ways is to… Continue Reading →

Failing as a Parent? Get right with God FIRST.

Have you ever felt like your parenting is non-effective? Does it sometimes seem like you’re not getting through to your kids? Do you ever get the feeling that God has given you a job to do, a mission to fulfill,… Continue Reading →

I’m a Mom. Now what?

When my firstborn entered the world, my heart melted as I gazed at this little dolly. She was so precious, so delicate. Immediately I felt foolish for not realizing what I had been carrying the last 9 months! If only… Continue Reading →

Parenting & Homeschooling Resources

Below follows a list of useful resources that we’ve come across over the years. Some we have used, some are still on our wishlist. Some are free, some are not. This list is by no means complete! And it will… Continue Reading →

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