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Onward & Upward


It is true that the wheels of domestic machinery will not always run smoothly; there is much to try the patience and tax the strength. But while mothers are not responsible for circumstances over which they have no control, it… Continue Reading →

Teaching Obedience

The children are to be taught that their capabilities were given them for the honor and glory of God. To this end they must learn the lesson of obedience; for only by lives of willing obedience can they render to… Continue Reading →

The Sunniest Place on Earth

No work can equal that of the Christian mother. She takes up her work with a sense of what it is to bring up her children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. How often will she feel her… Continue Reading →

Your New Best Friend

Moms, are you struggling? Do you sometimes feel alone and helpless? Read on to find encouragement and the only help you will ever need to persevere in your God-given mission… The first and most urgent duty which the mother owes… Continue Reading →

He Hears Your Cry

Not a sigh is breathed, not a pain felt, not a grief pierces the soul, but the throb vibrates to the Father’s heart…. God is bending from His throne to hear the cry of the oppressed. To every sincere prayer… Continue Reading →

The Influence of a Christian Home

Our time, our strength, and our energies belong to God; and if they are consecrated to His service, our light will shine. It will affect first and most strongly those in our own homes, who are most intimately associated with… Continue Reading →

Help Me To Higher Levels

Have you ever watched a hawk in pursuit of a timid dove? Instinct has taught the dove that in order for the hawk to seize his prey, he must gain a loftier flight than his victim. So she rises higher… Continue Reading →

Read This On Your Birthday

Another year of your life closes today. How can you look back upon it? Have you made advancement in the divine life? Have you increased in spirituality? Have you crucified self, with the affections and lusts? Have you an increased… Continue Reading →

Healthfulness Requires Cheerfulness

A home where love dwells and where it finds expression in looks, in words, in acts, is a place where angels delight to dwell…. Let the sunshine of love, cheer, and happy content enter your own hearts, and let its… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Mission Ever Given To Mortals

In forming a relationship with Christ, the renewed man is but coming back to his appointed relationship with God…. His first duty is to his children and his nearest relatives. Nothing can excuse him from neglecting the inner circle for… Continue Reading →

Set Your Mark High

Let no one say, I cannot remedy my defects of character. If you come to this decision, you will certainly fail of obtaining everlasting life. The impossibility lies in your own will. If you will not, then you cannot overcome…. Continue Reading →

God’s Workmen

The Lord brings His children over the same ground again and again, increasing the pressure until perfect humility fills the mind, and the character is transformed; then they are victorious over self, and in harmony with Christ and the Spirit… Continue Reading →

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