Welcome. 🙂 We created this website to share our passion for health, nature, family life and character building.

Healthy Living

For some reason, we get excited about healthy things. We eat plant-based meals, as healthy as we can. We’re certainly not perfect but we try our best, and we’re happy with that. We eat twice a day – a huge breakfast and fairly large lunch. We don’t snack in between and we drink plenty of pure filtered water (but not with our meals!) We try to make our meals as colourful as we can and as balanced as we can, from all the food groups. Check out our Instagram feed to see what we eat (on our good days!). We will also be sharing our favourite recipes! Besides eating delicious food we also love getting exercise out in nature, enjoying the sunshine, the fresh air and the beautiful nature around us! We believe that getting enough rest is vital for good health, along with developing self-control in all things and a firm trust in God (which we’ve noticed gets refined now on a daily basis!).


We enjoy learning together as a family. We have been homeschooling for a few years now and we love spending time with each other and simply having fun together! We hope to share some of our adventures with you and encourage you as a parent…

Garden Adventures

Hopefully one day, we’ll have some proper country land of our own to work … but until then we can show you what we’ve been up to in our own little backyard. We love wormfarming and we love gardening. Unfortunately, in South Africa we are currently experiencing a drought. So we will have to put all gardening projects on hold this Spring/Summer. We need the rainwater we collected for drinking and household use until the drought lifts.

Onward & Upward

This pilgrim’s pathway is filled with so many trials and obstacles! But we know that they are for our own good and that they are God’s method of developing our character. We hope to encourage you to look at the roses and the lilies instead of the thorns and the thistles as we walk this narrow road! 🙂