Below is a categorized visual library of all the Sonlight Booklet Resources to date. They are all available on the Sonlight Google Drive, free for download. To view any of the resources, simply click on the thumbnail, whereafter you will be able to download (or print) as you wish. Over time, links may become broken. 🙁 Please report any broken links in the comments below so that this catalogue can stay current. If a link does become broken, try searching for the file in the Sonlight Google Drive. Happy reading! 🙂 🙂

The table below has a list of all the category headings.
Click on a heading to go directly to that category.

Character Building History Politics
Colouring-in & Story Books Maths Scripture Memorization
Family Bible Lessons Music Songbooks
Gardening Nature Study Guides
Health Parenting Teaching Helps

Character Building

The Greatest of These

The Hymn of Love

Who is the Greatest

Studies in Character Building

12 Portraits

Colouring-in & Story Books

Flowers of Promise

Creation Days

Travels of the Advent People

Happy Hours At Home

A Casket

The Waldenses

Family Bible Lessons

Bible Lessons, Nature and the Character Qualities


Grape Vineyard

With God in my Garden

Outline for Gardening

History of Gardening

Handbook for Gardening and Learning

Mathematics in the Garden


Exercise and Work

Healthy Lifestyle

Health Poster (english) – Adult

Health Poster (english) – Child

Health Poster (spanish) – Adult

Health Poster (spanish) – Child


The Waldenses

The History of Greece


Historical Periods of the World According to the Bible

Teaching History


Geometry in Nature

Mathematics in the Bible

Mathematics in and out of the Woodshop

Mathematics in the Garden

Mathematics in the Kitchen

Designs in Nature

When to Teach Mathematics to Children

Guidelines for Preschool Math


Song Leading


Stinging Nettle



Grape Vineyard

Lovely as a Tree


Gentle Measures

Where is Your Flock?



Types of Government Through the Centuries

Scripture Memorization

Psalm 23 for Children

The Ten Commandments

Creation Days


Songs of the Redeemed

Behold He Cometh

The More Abundant Life

Ransom and Reunion

Christ in Song Vol 1

Christ in Song Vol 2

Christ in Song Vol 3

Christ in Song Vol 4

Songs for Class and School

Listen and Learn Part I

Listen and Learn Part II

Study Guides

The Ministry of Healing Study Guide

Teaching Helps

Bible Reading Plan

Bible Study

Credits, Honors, Goals and True Education

Daniel and His Education

First Grade Reader

Formality, not Organization, an Evil

Guidelines for Preschool Math

Spelling from the Scriptures

Teaching History

Ten Principles of True Education

Ways to Help Your Children Become Better Readers

When to Teach Mathematics to Children