Today’s lesson promises to be super-exciting! We are diving into science! We are exploring colours from LIGHT. (This is different to colours from colourants/ink – which we will be looking at tomorrow).

But before we get stuck into the lesson, please remember to briefly review what you have studied together so far:

  • prisms break up white light into all the rainbow colours (and the object lessons)
  • the covenant promise we made with the Lord
  • the subjects we will be studying, their ‘colours’ and meaning
  • the Bible is our textbook

Great! Previously we learnt that a prism breaks up (refracts being the correct term) white light into all the various rainbow colours. Today we are putting all the rainbow colours back together to get white light. Exciting, right?! 🙂

All the notes I used for today’s lesson, can be downloaded from this pdf and fall under the section entitled ‘Day 5’.

I started the lesson by introducing LIGHT colours vs INK colours. Then we chatted about the primary colours of light and what happens when you combine all three colours of light. We learnt about the colours having different wavelengths and then we did some copywork along with our own interpretation of the wavelengths of different colours.

Then we chatted about mixing light colours (colour by addition) and of course lastly, the complementary colours. We filled in the missing words and coloured in the circles the correct colours…


Now comes the really fun part! We decided to try this all out for ourselves using our bedside lamps and some cellophane paper.

We took three lights (torches would work bettter, but alas, we only had bedside lights 🙁 ) and covered the one beam with red cellophane, one beam with green cellophane and one beam with blue cellophane. Then we went into a dark room and shone the three different colours onto some white paper on the table. A white wall would probably work better, but unfortunately we don’t have any around here! Then we discovered that our experiment was not working so well because the beam from the desk lamp was too broad. Thankfully, my husband saved the day and brought out the cell phones. We turned on the cell phone lights, wrapped them in cellophane, and we were able to make white light!

It was great fun. 🙂 My girls thoroughly enjoyed it and I know they’re not going to forget it any time soon.

Object Lesson

Never hide your colors, never put your light under a bushel or under a bed, but set it on a candlestick, that it may give light to all that are in the house. Did you … watch for opportunities to enlighten others? Did you seek in wisdom to do all the good you possibly could? Did you try to call the attention of those whose acquaintance you formed, to Bible truths? Did you not drag your colors behind you because you were ashamed to be regarded as God’s peculiar people? “Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of Me and of My words; … of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when He cometh in the glory of His Father.”  5T 588

Always show your true colours. And always pray that your true colours would be worthy enough to show!

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