This page has been updated to give more of an introduction to Sonlight Education Ministries. The section on the Family Bible Lessons has been moved onto it’s own page for easier access.

Sonlight Education Ministries is a ministry committed to teaching children in the same manner as Jesus taught. It encourages deep Bible study and all learning subjects are Bible-centric. When learning is done in this manner, one can’t help but be drawn closer to God and character reform is the natural result. The more time we spend with Jesus, the more we become like Him (2 Cor 3:18).

This ministry has been around for more than 20 years. Over the years, it was made available for download and offered for free. Links for downloading given at the end of this post.

Jeanie Cook, the founder of this ministry, loved studying the Bible and teaching others how to study. She was a very private person who did not wish for her name or picture to be held up in high esteem. Instead, she recognizes Jesus as the only one to receive all glory.

How is this Curriculum Structured?

The Sonlight Curriculum is broken up as follows:

All of this and much, much more (including details of subject content, practical ideas, encouragement and suggested daily routines) can be found in a booklet called Catalogue, Roadmap and Route. This booklet is where you need to start! Download it, print it out and go through it to get the big picture.

Please note that while it is ideal to follow the suggested roadmap, Sonlight resources can be used to fit your own circumstances.

For example:

  • The Family Bible Lessons are suitable for the whole family and can be used for morning and evening worship at any age.
  • Even though the subjects in the Grade 2-8 Lessons all refer to the accompanying Bible Lesson, you could still supplement your current curriculum with, for example, the Health Lesson alone.
  • Sonlight also has numerous supplementary booklets and resources which are excellent for going through with your children. Consider learning about Maths in the Kitchen as an add-on subject for your next quarter. Browse our visual Sonlight Catalogue.
  • Interested in doing your own personal bible study? The Grades 9-12 curriculum includes deeper studies of the sanctuary, the book of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Sonlight also offers an excellent course on True Education (the Ten Principles of True Education) – something that parents can go through in their own time. What is True Education?

Sonlight Resources

Below is a listing of the Sonlight Resources currently available.

Sonlight Education Ministry Website
Sonlight Google Drive for downloading the entire free collection. Start in the ’00 Start Here’ folder and begin by reading the Roadmap to get an overview of the curriculum.
Sonlight Facebook Page
Sonlight Facebook Group (private group)
Sonlight Pinterest (ideas for Family Bible Lessons)

Other Useful Links

Are you currently using the Sonlight curriculum? How did you get started? What were your struggles? What were your joys? Share with us in the comments below… 🙂