To continue the excitement of our Rainbow theme lesson, this morning for breakfast we made a rainbow fruit platter. (It was actually meant to be rainbow fruit kebabs, but alas, the kebab sticks went missing! I think it came out quite well though and the girls really enjoyed helping themselves to beautiful sweet colourful fruit and adding it in to their breakfast.)

To begin this lesson, I went through the first page of the Rainbow Covenant with my girls. We had our bibles with us and used them to look up any references to bible verses. All the notes I used for today’s lesson, can be downloaded from this pdf and fall under the section entitled ‘Day 2’.

I think this quote pretty much sums up today’s lesson:

All that man needs to know or can know of God has been revealed in the life and character of His Son. 8T 286.1


We tried to make rainbows on a blank piece of paper using a prism and a cd. Pinterest has some great ‘rainbow-making’ science ideas if you’re looking for inspiration!

We used pencil crayons to colour in the rainbows that we made on the paper and then stuck the page into our workbooks.

We sure did make some pretty rainbows!

I drew a rough sketch on our whiteboard of how the prism forms a rainbow from white light, just to make sure they ‘got it’. I also wrote up a summary of what we learnt for them to copy into their workbooks.

Object Lesson

God is like the bright glorious sun. He is so glorious and beautiful, and we are so sinful, that we cannot look upon Him with our weak mortal eyes. But God wants us to see His beautiful character. Jesus is like the prism that stands between us and God. The glorious light of God’s character shines forth through Jesus life and we can behold all the beautiful colours of God’s character. This is why we will be studying the life of Jesus.

God saw that a clearer revelation than nature was needed to portray both His personality and His character. He sent His Son into the world to reveal, so far as could be endured by human sight, the nature and the attributes of the invisible God. 8T 265.5

Tender, compassionate, sympathetic, ever considerate of others, He represented the character of God, and was constantly engaged in service for God and man. 8T 286.4

How sweet to know that our loving Father sent to this wicked, sinful earth so beautiful an example of how we are to live! Of how we are to treat each other!


This was such a beautiful simple lesson that I wanted to be sure my girls got it. I asked them to draw a picture in their workbooks of God (the sun), Jesus (the prism) and us receiving the beautiful rainbow from Jesus/God. Finally, we coloured in the colours of the rainbow and their character meanings from page 1 of the Rainbow Covenant and pasted it into our workbooks.

And that brings us to the end of Day 2 of the Rainbow Covenant. Did your children understand the simple object lesson that was presented?

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