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When the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in His people, then He will come to claim them as His own.

Both Parents are Important in the Home

But the work of making home happy does not rest upon the mother alone. Fathers have an important part to act. The husband is the house-band of the home treasures, binding by his strong, earnest, devoted affection the members of… Continue Reading →

We need more sunshiny parents and more sunshiny Christians. Too often the kindly, encouraging word, the cheery smile, are withheld from our children and from the oppressed and discouraged.

Winter Sunshine Juice!

Here in the southern hemisphere, winter is in full swing. Days are short, dark, rainy and icy cold. But not to worry – today I’m sharing with you a joyful sunshine juice which will brighten up your gloomiest day! This… Continue Reading →

For the sick we should use the remedies which God has provided in nature, and we should point them to Him who alone can restore.

Mom’s Natural Treatment Plan

Many years ago, as I began my journey in the world of natural remedies and treatments, it so happened that one winter’s day every single family member in our house was down and out with a cold. I was taking… Continue Reading →

Fathers are the Priests of the Home

We would solemnly impress upon fathers, as well as mothers, the grave responsibility they have assumed in bringing children into the world. It is a responsibility from which nothing but death can free them. True, the chief care and burden… Continue Reading →

God wants us to honor Him with all there is of us.

How to Make Tofu

Tofu, also known as bean curd or soybean curd, is a creamy, low-fat, soy-based product that is high in protein, calcium and iron. You will find it at select grocery stores in vacuum-packed containers. These are usually highly-priced. For a… Continue Reading →

Search for the hidden treasures in God’s Word. You cannot afford to be without them.

Finding Your Way Around the Sonlight Google Drive

The entire Sonlight Education Ministries curriculum has been made available for free. All you have to do is find what you want or need on the Google Drive, download it and print it out. However, there is a lot of information… Continue Reading →

God requires the body to be rendered a living sacrifice to Him, not a dead or a dying sacrifice.

How to Live

Life is one of those things that we don’t appreciate until we are actually forced to appreciate it. Healthy living is usually not prioritized until one’s health gets taken away. When disease, sickness and pain are knocking on our door,… Continue Reading →

Quality Time with Dad

While we have dwelt upon the importance of the mother’s work and mission, we would not lightly pass over the duty and responsibility of the husband and father in the training of his children. His efforts should be in harmony… Continue Reading →

Keep the windows of the soul closed earthward and opened heavenward.

Sonlight Family Bible Lessons

The Sonlight Family Bible Lessons have a very special place in our hearts. This curriculum has truly changed our lives. No other curriculum has reached our hearts and impacted our lifestyle and even our thinking as much as these lesson… Continue Reading →

What is Sonlight Education Ministries?

This page has been updated to give more of an introduction to Sonlight Education Ministries. The section on the Family Bible Lessons has been moved onto it’s own page for easier access. Sonlight Education Ministries is a ministry committed to… Continue Reading →

Sonlight Grades 2-8: Understanding the Outline for Lesson 1

So you’re wanting to get started with Lesson 1, but you’re still not quite sure how to go about it? Sonlight has a sample outline for Lesson 1 which will help you with structuring your teaching schedule and setting up… Continue Reading →

Mothers, the destiny of your children rests to a great extent in your hands.

The First Seven Years

As my youngest is turning eight years old this month, I find myself reflecting over the last seven years. I am reminded that the first seven years are, in fact, the most crucial and foundational in a child’s life! They,… Continue Reading →

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