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Set Your Mark High

Let no one say, I cannot remedy my defects of character. If you come to this decision, you will certainly fail of obtaining everlasting life. The impossibility lies in your own will. If you will not, then you cannot overcome…. Continue Reading →

God’s Workmen

The Lord brings His children over the same ground again and again, increasing the pressure until perfect humility fills the mind, and the character is transformed; then they are victorious over self, and in harmony with Christ and the Spirit… Continue Reading →

Sonlight Education Ministries

This curriculum has truly changed our lives. No other curriculum has reached our hearts and impacted our lifestyle and even our thinking as much as this curriculum has. When you experience something like that, you can’t help but want to… Continue Reading →

Healthy Wholesome Meals

Meals should be simple, easy, colourful, wholesome and healthy! Here are some of our meal ideas – follow us on Instagram!

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