Many years ago, as I began my journey in the world of natural remedies and treatments, it so happened that one winter’s day every single family member in our house was down and out with a cold. I was taking care of everyone, trying out different natural remedies and trying to keep track of who needed what remedy or treatment when and trying to pay attention to any improvement in my individual patients. Eventually I was exhausted and utterly overwhelmed. But “all things work together for good to them that love God” (Romans 8:28)  and out of this chaos came order. I knew I needed to keep track of what was going on and so “Mom’s Natural Treatment Plan” was born!

Mom’s Natural Treatment Plan is a record-keeping form that I start using the moment someone complains of any particular ailment. It has helped me tremendously over the years to keep track of remedies I have tried and their results. I am really excited to share it with you today!

You can download by clicking on the form here:

Mom’s Natural Treatment Plan.pdf

I’d like to go through the form with you and explain the idea behind it and how it all works. It has been a work-in-progress over the years and I’m pretty sure it’s not as perfect as I would like it to be. But for now, it does the job! 🙂

Patient Details

Let’s start in the first section. Here you will find three fields: Patient, Date and Day # In Treatment.

It kind-of goes without saying that here you will fill in the patient’s name and the current date. I print out a new form for each day of treatment and so Day # In Treatment would be which sequential day this form is for (eg. Day 1 of treatment, Day 2 of treatment, Day 3 etc).

Symptoms & Treatments

Let’s head to the second section. Starting on the left, we have a column with the heading Assessment/Update.

In this column I make a list of all the symptoms the patient complains of – one on each line (for example, headache, sinus congestion, scratchy throat etc).

In the next column we have a section called ‘Overall Improvement‘. For the most part, depending on the illness, I like to check on my patient three times a day: morning, midday and evening. When I do my check-up consultation, I will ask the patient about each symptom, whether they are feeling better, worse or the same and then cross the relevant check-box. This is simply a way for me to keep track of whether there has been improvement or not (ie. how effective has this treatment been) and adjusting or even changing the treatment accordingly.

In the last column, I will write my chosen treatment or natural remedy (including the dosage) for that particular symptom. Sometimes, I will need to go and do my research before I can fill this section in. Sometimes I will need to go and check what we have in the natural remedy ‘medicine’ box. And sometimes I will need to go to the health shop/local pharmacy before I can begin the specific treatment that I really want to try. I also use this space to write in the prescribed dosage. This will be different between adults and children, or may even be dependent on the severity of the symptom. This can also be a good spot to make notes about the treatment (for example, do not use consecutively for longer than 2 weeks etc).

Immunity Boosters & NEWSTART

Next section. Immune Boosters.

When someone is struggling with a sickness, taking something to boost their immunity is always helpful. In this section, I usually list 1 to 3 different immune boosters that I will be supplementing their treatment with. This could be anything from a hydrotherapy treatment to a vitamin C supplement to a daily green juice.

To the right of Immune Boosters is a section I fill in so that nothing in my treatment plan is forgotten or left out.

Diet, for example, plays a big role in healing. Sometimes we are so focused on the treatments, that we forget about what we are feeding our bodies to assist with the healing process. Is my patient on a strict vegetable juice diet? Maybe a watery vegetable broth? Are they allowed to start eating grains? Proteins? Is there a certain fruit or veggie high in the vitamin or mineral that they need to get plenty of? This is where I make a note of any dietary requirements.

Next comes Exercise. When healing, it’s important to get a bit of exercise without overdoing it, depending on where the patient is in the healing process. Are they able to get out of bed yet? How far are they able to walk daily? To the end of the driveway and back? 100 metres? Around the block? Here I keep track of their progress.

Then we have Water. Water is an essential part to healing. Our bodies are trying to get rid of all the waste and toxins that have built up internally, causing disease, and water is a great way to flush it out. Again, don’t overdo it, but also don’t forget to include it in your daily treatment plan.

Sunshine and Fresh Air is key to holistic healing. We don’t realize the importance of Vitamin D and clean air, rich in oxygen! It invigorates and energizes the soul. Depending on weather conditions, encourage your patient to spend at least a few minutes outside. If the weather is not good, make sure the curtains or blinds are open, that the sun can shine in and light can fill the room. Always make sure the room has at least a little fresh air entering by keeping the window slightly ajar.

Lastly is Rest. Your patient needs rest in order to heal. Do not let your patient work from bed and do not let your patient spend all day on their cell/mobile phone/tablet.

Daily Schedule

This last section is where the whole treatment plan comes together. You’ve been through the symptoms and decided on treatments and dosages. Now those treatments need to be scheduled to certain times of the day. Some treatments are done once a day, others three times a day. Some herbs need to be taken with a meal, others on an empty stomach. After filling in all your treatment plans and remedies on your daily schedule, take a look at your immune boosters. When will those be taken or done? Slot them in on your daily schedule in the relevant spot. Next you may have some notes on diet, exercise, water, sunshine & fresh air and rest. Do these need to be scheduled in? On the far left of your Schedule Planner you will find a column of checkboxes with a glass of water above it. Use this to mark off when your patient needs to drink water.

I have found that most of my remedies and treatments happen about three times a day: morning, midday and evening. However this schedule planner is versatile enough to be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Remember to be flexible and patient with your daily plan and with your patient. 🙂 Don’t stress if things don’t go according to plan. I always believe that a plan is simply a template for the REAL plan. In other words, whatever the result, progress has still been made.

Additional Notes

The last section is simply for you to record some additional notes/reminders. I sometimes also use the back of this treatment form for more notes.

I’d like to share with you a sample of Mom’s Natural Treatment Plan. This was shared with the patient’s permission! 😉

Staying Organized

Once the illness has passed, I take all my pages, put them in order (from Day 1 to Day X), staple them together and file them under my patient’s name in my Family Medical File.

By keeping track of illnesses and treatments I am able to pick up on any patterns or trends like allergies. When this same illness comes around again (for example, scratchy throat, wet cough or sinusitus), simply by looking at my file I can see what worked last time, how long it took and confidently begin the same successful treatment again. This is a true blessing!

Not only has this helped me stay on top of things, but now my patients know what to expect treatment-wise and they have even started treating themselves instead of me having to ensure it all gets done. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN! 🙂

Some Final Inspiration

Lastly I would like to share with you an incredible talk by Dr Richard Schulze which I watched many years ago. Although I don’t agree with all of Dr Schulze’s beliefs, this truly helped me to understand how to use natural treatments. You could say that the penny dropped – I was utterly inspired!

And here is Part 2 for those interested …

I have one more inspirational video for you from Barbara O’Neill. I love how she makes everything so easy to understand and simple. That’s what natural remedies are – simple treatments we can do at home. In this demonstration, she mentions quite a few treatments and remedies for common ailments, especially in children.

Please remember that even though natural remedies and treatments are God’s true method for healing the physical body, nothing replaces a healthy lifestyle of obedience to God’s true laws of health. Click here to learn more about God’s health laws and what a healthy eating plan looks like.

Do you use natural remedies and treatments in your home? Share with us your favourites! Have you used Mom’s Natural Treatment Plan? Has it helped you in any way? We’d love to hear from you! Share with us in the comments below. 🙂 Happy healing!