I’d like to let you in on a secret. I pray and hope that there is actually another mother out there that could possibly find this blog beneficial in some way. I’m not quite sure how, because as mothers, we seem to be overwhelmingly busy and don’t really get a chance to sit down and reflect … and these are not quick, easy-read type of posts. But in all honesty, this blog is really, truly just for me … kind-of selfish – I know! My girls are a little bit older now and I’m getting more sleep (!) and I’m actually finding a few opportunities to sit down and study the parenting principals I’ve been trying to put into practice over the years. I’m giving God the opportunity to speak to me loudly and help me to pick up dropped stitches and undo bad habits that I’ve allowed to form.

As I research, summarize, and simplify, I’ve started to notice a few principals that just keep repeating over and over and over again. So being the note-taking, analytical mommy that I am, I thought to summarize my summaries in a few key bullet-points mentioned below!

In essence, this is really a summary of the entire parenting message to date on my blog.

  1. God has given the responsibility of training up children for His Kingdom to Mothers.
  2. This job consists primarily of character building – it’s the only thing we take with us to His Kingdom.
  3. Having your morning devotion is an essential part of godly parenting.
  4. Turn to Jesus for help and strength throughout the day.
  5. We cannot control circumstances,  but they should in no way prevent us from fulfilling our duty of character building in our children.
  6. It is the mother’s responsibility to ensure the home has a happy atmosphere and is a little bit of heaven on earth.
  7. Ensure that your children learn the habit of obeying your instructions.

There is so much more still to come and I’m really excited to share it with you! I hope you will join me in studying God’s word for yourself and allowing Him to speak to your heart.