Before we start today’s lesson, don’t forget to review what we’ve learnt so far:

  • how rainbows work and the object lessons that go with it
  • the covenant promise we have made with the Lord

Today I’m sharing with you another beautiful lesson which is a fundamental of true education: The Bible is the Textbook. I can’t put it more simply than this:

Parents, if you would educate your children to serve God and do good in the world, make the Bible your textbook. It exposes the wiles of Satan. It is the great elevator of the race, the reprover and corrector of moral evils, the detector which enables us to distinguish between the true and the false. Whatever else is taught in the home or at school, the Bible, as the great educator, should stand first. If it is given this place, God is honored, and He will work for you in the conversion of your children. There is a rich mine of truth and beauty in this holy book, and parents have themselves to blame if they do not make it intensely interesting to their children. CG 510.2

The true beauty about these Sonlight Lessons is that they are completely Bible-based. Let us not forget that we are People of the Book! And let our children be Children of the Book!

“It is written” was the only weapon that Christ used when the tempter came with his deceptions. The teaching of Bible truth is the great and grand work which every parent should undertake. CG 510.3

The Bible – the only weapon Christ used to defeat Satan! The only weapon we need in this evil world. And I’m sorry, I have to squeeze in one last irresistibly beautiful quote:

Do not think that the Bible will become a tiresome book to the children. Under a wise instructor the Word will become more and more desirable. It will be to them as the bread of life; it will never grow old. There is in it a freshness and beauty that attract and charm the children and youth. It is like the sun shining upon the earth, giving its brightness and warmth, yet never exhausted. By lessons from Bible history and doctrine, the children and youth can learn that all other books are inferior to this. They can find here a fountain of mercy and love CG 514.1

So, there you have it! Parents, let us commit ourselves to making the Bible attractive and desirable to our children.

And that brings us back to today’s lesson… All the notes I used for today’s lesson, can be downloaded from this pdf and fall under the section entitled ‘Day 4’.

We began by going through the lesson together and wrote down a bit of copywork:

The Bible Is the Textbook.
All creation and all knowledge is also like a rainbow that reflects different aspects of God’s character.

Creation and  Knowledge. Nature and the Bible.

We went outside and tried to see God’s character in the things of nature. We thought of how we see God’s character in the Bible.


From the printed notes, we coloured in the subject pictures and filled in all the missing words about how the various subjects we will be studying reflect God’s character.

Mathematics instructs us about judgement
Health (Life) has been given to us by the sacrifice of Christ.
Music was given to us that we might express divinity.
By faith we will see that Nature is God’s handwriting, written for the all the world to read.
History/Geography/Prophecy shows us how obedience to God’s law is the foundation of our world.
In Language & Speech, we learn to express ourselves as members of the royal family of heaven.

My girls wanted to highlight the different subjects with the colour meanings that we learnt on Day 2 (Page 1).

Then we coloured in the little treasure chest and cut out the Bible to stick it on the treasure chest. Treasure God’s Word!

Optional Extra

Sonlight has a story colouring-in book called ‘The Casket’ which you can download here and print for your children to enjoy. It tells the story of an intriguing dream that William Miller had of a treasure chest (‘casket’) filled with precious treasure. It’s a great add-on to today’s lesson of the Bible being our sacred treasure!

And that brings us to the end of Day 4! As parents, may we commit ourselves to teaching our children from the Bible, the true source of all wisdom and knowledge, a fundamental of True Education! Ask the Lord to lead you in making the Bible come to life in your home! God knows our children, our circumstances and us. He has innumerable ideas and ways that, if we are willing to listen and try, will make our Bibles exciting and indispensable!

Please feel free to share with us in the comments below what the Bible means to you in your home and how you have encouraged your children to turn to it daily.

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