To begin teaching the Rainbow Covenant Lesson, you will need Sonlight’s Rainbow Covenant Booklet. We also added to this a small A5 notebook that we covered with the most rainbow-looking wrapping paper we could find. We will refer to this A5 notebook as our workbooks from now on.

I like to ease into things slowly and not overwhelm. The first day my biggest goal is to get them excited about what’s to come and to start preparing them for making a covenant with the Lord. I’ll introduce the subject to them something like this …

“This is your new rainbow covenant book.” And then I’ll ask some basic questions like “What is a covenant? When did God make a covenant before? Did you know God wants to make a covenant with YOU? We will be using these books while we explore and learn about rainbows, colours and light. What are rainbows? What are colours? What is light?” and then we will go on to discuss and try to define each one in simple words, giving examples.


As a fun activity, we painted a rainbow water colour which we stuck in our books after it had dried. Another option is to print some beautiful photos of rainbows from online or look for rainbow pictures in magazines. They would make a great addition to the front cover of your workbook.

There are many great ‘rainbow’ related activities on Pinterest. I have selected a few that I will be going through with my girls over the next few days, but feel free to search online for something applicable that would appeal to your children.

Also, I have put together a pdf of our copywork notes and printouts that we used for our lessons in our workbooks. You can download it here. I try to do a little bit of copywork each day with my girls and then a bit of ‘fill-in-the-missing-words’ worksheets. Feel free to use it as you see fit for your circumstances.


Are you excited to make a covenant with the Lord and begin these new lessons? I know I am! Share with us in the comments below your experience teaching the Rainbow Covenant to your kids!

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