The entire Sonlight Education Ministries curriculum has been made available for free. All you have to do is find what you want or need on the Google Drive, download it and print it out. However, there is a lot of information on the Google Drive and many of us technologically-challenged (is that a word?) mommies can find it a bit intimidating. Not to worry – hopefully, by the end of this post, you will be browsing and downloading with undeterred confidence! 😉

Structure of the Sonlight Curriculum

Before we begin exploring and understanding the Google Drive, we need to understand the structure of the Sonlight curriculum. For that, we will need two things.

Firstly, this little chart which shows a breakdown of the entire curriculum by age group:

And secondly, for further detail, you will need to take a look at this booklet:

This booklet, called Catalogue, Roadmap and Route, explains the breakdown of the curriculum by age group and has a lot of useful information that you don’t want to miss. For each age group, it tells you how to teach the applicable lessons, even suggests a daily schedule and beautifully catalogues all the resources that you could possibly need. This is where you need to start! OK, keep this at the back of your mind – we will come back to it later! 

If you scroll back up to the chart mentioned above, you will notice that the Sonlight curriculum is broken up into: 

  • Family Bible Lessons
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Apprenticeship/College

Let’s go through each section and where to find it in the Google Drive.

Sonlight Google Drive

At this point, I think I need to give you the link to the Sonlight Google Drive so that you can begin exploring! 🙂

Simply click here: Sonlight Google Drive

Family Bible Lessons and Grade 1

From Birth to 7 years of age and continuing into Grade 1, you will be looking for the Family Bible Lessons. These are the most popular Sonlight lesson books and for good reason! They are suitable for the whole family and can even be used for family worship. Upon clicking the link to the Sonlight Google Drive given above, a new tab on your internet browser should open and you should see a whole bunch of folders. It could look a little something like this:

Please note this is just a portion of my screen that I’m sharing and it’s quite possible that your screen looks different. You could be viewing the drive in Grid View, where as I am using List View. Nevertheless, somewhere on your screen you should see the folder Family Bible Lessons. If you click on this folder you will find everything you need for the family bible lessons. The lesson books are categorized by year and then by quarter. You can download only what you need as you need it or you can download the whole lot. Up to you. Simply right-click on the folder or file and select Download.

Grades 2-8

This one is also pretty easy to find. If you click the Sonlight Google Drive link given above, look for a folder called 2-8 Grade Lessons

Everything you need for the Grades 2-8 Lessons will be in this folder. The lessons are further categorized by lesson number (eg. Lesson 1, Lesson 2 etc). You will also find some other essential resources like the Rainbow Covenant booklet, the Nature Study journal, sample Lesson Outlines, The Casket (a colouring-in storybook) and even health posters. Once again, you can download only what you need as you need it or you can download the whole lot. Up to you. Simply right-click on the required folder or file and select Download.

Grades 9-12 and Apprenticeship

The lesson books for Grades 9-12 are still under development. However, in the Catalogue, Roadmap and Route booklet (mentioned above) a general outline or blueprint of the curriculum is given. At this age, the student should be capable of a fair amount of self study and research and could even possibly develop his/her own textbooks!

Sonlight does provide some lesson books and in order to find them on the Sonlight Google Drive, you will first need to find out what they are by referring to the Catalogue, Roadmap and Route booklet. Once you know what you are specifically looking for, a general browse through the Sonlight Google Drive should suffice. Take a look at another portion of my screen below. I have highlighted a few of the folders and files that are part of the Grade 9-12 curriculum:

Download what you need by right-clicking on the required folder or file and selecting Download.

Catalogue, Roadmap and Route & Miscellaneous Resources

Ok, remember I said to keep this at the back of your mind as we would come back to it? Well, it’s that time – we’re coming back to it.

You may have noticed, while browsing the Sonlight Google Drive, that there are a number of pdf files, most of which are booklets and pamphlets. These booklets are all referred to in the Catalogue, Roadmap and Route book. Some of them fall under the various age group sections and others fall under a section called Miscellaneous Resources. 

For example, in the age group 0 – 7 years, the following additional resources (besides the Family Bible Lessons) are catalogued:

  • How to Teach Maths
  • Ways to Help Your Children Become Better Readers
  • Colouring-in Storybooks: Travels of the Advent People and Flowers of Promise

Here’s a little snippet from the Catalogue, Roadmap and Route book (page 18):

And here is a snapshot of some of these resources in the Sonlight Google Drive:

You really don’t want to be missing out on all these extra valuable resources, which is why it is so important to refer to the Catalogue, Roadmap and Route book! 

To make browsing these booklets and brochures a little easier, you can go to our post Sonlight Catalogue which is a bit like a visual library of all these pdf files, sorted into categories.

Extra Resources that are not in the Catalogue

There are a few extras that have not been included in the Roadmap, Catalogue and Route. You will find these in the folder Extras, Not in Catalogue. Here you will find some audio stories, a few more booklets and audio music instruction.

Ten Principles of True Education and other Study Guides

Sonlight offers an excellent self-study course on True Education (for parents/teachers) and numerous other study guides. 

As I’ve said before, simply download what you need by right-clicking on the required folder or file and selecting Download.

Start Here

Lastly, I’m going to end with the 00 START HERE folder. 😉 This is where you will find the Roadmap, Catalogue and Route book. I think, by now, its pretty clear why you need to start here

I hope you have found this post helpful in some way. Have you ever struggled with finding your way around the Sonlight Google Drive? Share with us in the comments below!

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